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Bryan Loves You

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Cast:Tom Noga, Daniel Roebuck, Brinke Stevens, Tony Todd, Seth Landau

Director:Seth Landau


Year: 2007


The life of a therapist begins to unravel when he delves into the inner workings of a sinister religious cult that's taking over his Arizona town. At the heart of their dogmatic devotion is Bryan, a brutally murdered, near-mythological figure whose mindless worshippers don't countenance heretics.

Writer/director Seth Landau stars as Jonathan, a small town therapist who suddenly becomes interested in the inner workings of a creepy local neighborhood cult. It seems this cult worships a god named Bryan, a murder victim. As the film opens Tony Todd enters a room and he looks to be very much bothered by something, he then goes on to explain that he has seen the footage tape that we are about to see and to make sure we know where the exits are. I tell you this is one hell of an opening scene and one that really set the bar high on this one. So much that I had to put it on pause and go get myself something to drink as I was ready to settle in to something special, at least I hoped. The film is shown by way of footage that was found, much like "The Blair Witch" so to some it might seem a a bit old for the lack of a better word but in fact Bryan brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table. This is a look into a cult and let me tell you these people are not only strange but very creepy as well in their masks. Sure the film has cliches but don't all? This is an effective horror film that delivers more than it fails on so for being done on a limited budget this was a well made film. Writer,Director and Star,Seth Landau claims the film is based on a real cult from his town of Arizona but because of problems with the group they must go unnamed, I do not know how true that is but it doesn't hurt with the promotion that is for sure. One thing is for sure, this is a creepy thrill ride that gets under your skin. I recommend this to any fan of horror or cult-based films and congrats to all involved in making this film it is an inspiring piece of work that is very effective. Released by Starz / Anchor Bay. **** Out Of *****