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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

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Cast:Trevor Matthews, Robert Englund

Director:Jon Knautz


Year: 2008


As a child Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Now a young man he struggles with a pestering girlfriend, therapy sessions that resolve nothing, and night classes that barely hold his interest. After unleashing an ancient curse, Jack's Professor undergoes a transformation into something not-quite- human, and Jack is forced to confront some old demons... along with a few new ones.

It is nice to finally see a film that is pure entertainment. Jack Brooks starts off fast, the scenes in the beginning tell the story of what happened to his parents when he was little and we get our first look at the monsters. But after that the film slows down, for the next 2/3 of the movie we get to know Jack and what makes him tick just before the last part erupts in monster-mania. I loved that they used prosthetic over cgi to make their monsters, even if it has been done before it seems refreshing all over again, a throw back to the movies from the 50's and "Evil Dead". How can you not love any film with Robert Englund in it, plus Trevor Matthews does a fantastic job playing Jack, a character that has some issues. Similar to "Evil Dead" but Jack stands on its on as a fun thrill ride that delivers more in its run time than all Hollywood releases in a years time. Jack Brooks is one of hell of a thrill ride and one I highly recommend owning. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****