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Five Across the Eyes

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Cast:Angela Brunda, Sandra Paduch, Mia Yi, Jennifer Barnett, Danielle Lilley

Director:Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen


Year: 2008


On the back roads of Tennessee, there is an isolated area the locals call ‘The Eyes’. And for five teenage girls on their way home from a high school football game, a foolish detour and hit-and-run accident will soon lead to a night of degradation, torment and raw brutality unmatched in low-budget modern horror. Experience the motion picture that set new standards of shock at festivals around the world, a relentless real-time nightmare that led to hail it as "A film that will gnaw at your conscience for days…a remarkable debut feature from a filmmaking team that you be bragging about years from now!" The fear is real. Getting Home By Curfew Is Gonna Be Hell.

Independent and challenging Cinema in general can be very rewarding but also at times it can be very tiresome on someone looking for that something special. Five Across the Eyes is a film done on a very small budget but it takes full advantage of some clever writing and terrific camera work. Shot in real time like "The Blair Witch", so the tension and atmosphere that is built is what the movie relies on and "Five" wastes no time getting the suspense going. There isn't much gore to speak of, there is just the waiting, the suspense that keeps on on the edge of your seat waiting for what might happen next. There's something special about a film this original and fresh, a film that fills out its 91 minute run time with solid entertainment. The film never stops surprising its audience,not just with the pure terror, but with some comedy thrown in throughout. This is a film for those that love cinema, the film is shot from inside the is really genius. Some of you that can only watch those glamorous horror movies that Hollywood produces may not be able to handle this one but for those ready for the challenge you have a real treat ahead of with this soon to be cult favorite. Released by Starz / Anchor Bay. **** 1/2 Out Of *****