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Flu Birds

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Cast:Clare Carey, Lance Guest

Director:Leigh Scott


Year: 2008


Six teens on a camping trip in the woods find themselves on the run from a group of giant birds that carry a deadly flu virus. Noe they must find a way to kill these mutants before they become their next victims.

I was pretty excited about this film from the start when I found out Leigh Scott, who you might know from many of "The Asylum" films was directing this made-for-TV movie. This is another Sci-Fi Channel original movie and again there is a reason this is on Television folks. Scott does a great job at keeping the story moving with a great pace making it never boring. The story involves these six young kids who are on a camping exercise to learn about trust, these are not good kids and none of them seem to even like each other but before the movie is over they will have to learn what trust is all about. The film wastes no time getting started, it jumps right into the birds as they are attacking two men in the woods. This sets the stage for what turned out to be a pretty entertaining movie over-all. The cast was very good and as well as the settings. The special effects were not the best I have seen but for a film that takes you back to the days of the B-horror flicks they work well enough. I find these kind of movies to be a guilty pleasure of sorts, I mean you have to know what your getting here before even sitting down to it. The is the second Sci-Fi channel movie released this week by First Look and both make for some very good popcorn fun and are excellent to have with the Halloween season coming. All involved did a great job making this fun this and it is nice to see Director Leigh Scott at work again, this type of film suits him well and it shows in the final product. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 out Of *****