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Cast:Kristin Renton, James DeBello

Director:Gary Jones


Year: 2007


While accompanying her father on a journey to explore their ancestral roots in distant Bucharest, college student Jennifer learns that she could hold the key to a bizarre family secret involving a grisly bloodline and ghouls.

First off, I have read reviews in the past on Sci-Fi Channel movies and over and over people complain about the same thing, the effects were bad, acting was poor...ect... Well you cannot expect a Hollywood budget in a made-for-TV movie. That being said I sat down to Ghouls knowing what I was going to get, a fun yet campy horror flick and I was not disappointed. For starters the monsters or ghouls were unique and quite impressive and over-all the effects period were impressive considering the budget here. The acting was better than expected and the cast includes the beautiful Kristin Renton, I see this young woman getting a lot more work in the future. The settings were very well done as well. mainly the ceremonial scenes which I felt really added something to the story that made it that much better. There is really not a lot to say in terms of anything bad about the film considering what I was watching here, sure I could point out a few things but it is kind of senseless since over-all the film was just plain fun. So if your looking for something entertaining and fun this creature feature is one of the better sci-fi originals and it should take care of that for you as it did for me. I have seen better but I have also seen much worse and with Halloween coming up this makes for a very good popcorn flick. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 Out Of *****