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The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

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Cast:Nathan Rice,Brian Lewis,Carol Roscoe,Christian Doyle,Scott C. Brown,Jennifer Page

Director:Matt Vancil

Genre:Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Year: 2008


When a group of fantasy role-playing friends can't get their characters into any action beyond seducing tavern wenches and tormenting villagers, the dungeon master introduces a girl who also plays a sexy character in their game. Now the adventurers must pull it together, both at the table and inside the game, to defeat the necromancer Mort Kemnon and save their beloved gaming group.

Clearly this film has a direct audience it is after, table-top gamers, so many that are not into this type of gaming may be a little lost but I think given the chance most any fan of comedy will enjoy it. The opening scene sets the bar pretty high, I mean your talking about a Independent film here with a very low budget but Writer/Director, Matt Vancil, uses every thing he has to create not only a clever and witty script but even the special effects are done very well considering the budget here. Ok, enough about the technical side of things here, the film is a must-see for gamers but not being a gamer myself I have to say I really got some big laughs from this movie, I mean I didn't know if I should to of been jealous of these guys for having so much fun or feel sorry them. All I do know is there is enough jokes to make the film a universal comedy while staying true to its core fans. This is a film that was clearly a labor of love and you can tell by its production values that go beyond what they even should of, its very likable cast and yes a laugh-out-loud, original script that keeps everyone entertained. I feel this will have some sort of cult status in time but for now I can recommend this to anyone who is just looking for something light, you will enjoy this film. Released by Anthem Pictures. **** Out Of *****