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Black Pearl: 10,000 A.D.

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Cast:Julian Perez, Loukas Pappas, Raul Gasteazoro, Edgar Feliciano, Lilly Husbands, Nina Carney

Director:Giovanni Messner,Raul Gasteazoro


Year: 2008


Many years from now after the world brought about the apocalypse what remained of humanity has split into two warring tribes,the Plaebian and the Huron. The Huron tribe uses the old hunters method of staying alive, they have not learned a lesson from their forefathers. The Plaebians tribe is trying to rebuild what was lost and begin a new life. But when an evil, the Sinasu, begin to kill off both tribes they must band together before they too become extinct.

Black Pearl was shot on Digital and you can really see that this is the new way to go for film-makers, each scene jumps out at you. The colors are so vibrant it's like your right there, simply amazing to look at, I bet this would look fantastic seeing it on a theatrical screen. This is a low-budget film but it is more an epic then I have seen Hollywood producing as of late. You have the classic tale of good vs. evil and the two warring tribes both with different ideas banning together to fight for their very survival. Film-makers, Giovanni Messner and Raul Gasteazoro both made a short film back in 1999 and and other some features as well before that but this is their first venture into a feature film such as this, I have to say this had to be a labor of love, making a film like this that covers such a large scale on a minor budget is magnificent itself but they pulled off what is a very entertaining film. I will not go into plot details too much here so not to ruin it for those interested in seeing this film when it comes to DVD but there is an interesting story that is filled with breath-taking action scenes and landscapes. Besides the action and the amazing cinematography there is also a good message here, one we can all learn from about saving our planet before it is too late. This is really a great achievement here, credit is due for making such an epic film that is never boring and one that not only tells a story but sends a positive message is rare today even in Hollywood. Black Pearl is a must see action-packed adventure that does everything right. I look forward to seeing future projects from this talented team of film-makers. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****

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