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13 Hours in a Warehouse

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Cast: Carson Lee, Chars Bonin, Danny Salmen, Cody Lyman, Rachel Grubb

Director:Dav Kaufman


Year: 2008


After five guys pull off the perfect heist they end up in an abandoned warehouse waiting for their buyer to show up. But, it is not the 13 hour wait that is upsetting; it s the strange numbers that keep appearing everywhere and the feeling like they are being watched. When they finally figure out that they are not alone, it s too late to get out alive.

13 Hours starts off as a crime heist film, 5 thieves pull off what looks be be the perfect heist now all they have to do is sit and wait it out in an old abandoned warehouse till morning with a hostage in tow till the boss arrives. When the men get to the warehouse is about the time the film begins to show its true colors as a horror/ghost story. I have to admit I was eager to see this film, hell even the box-art alone will have any fan of horror drooling over it. So I sat down to watch it the day I received it for review. It is hard to use the words horror and original together in the same sentence anymore but 13 Hours in a Warehouse is just that, I loved the mix of genres used, you got the crime world mixed in into a supernatural horror film and Director, Dav Kaufman did a fantastic job at combining the two. Mr. Kaufman not only directed the film but he also wrote the script and that is where the true greatness of the film is. This is a film set all in a warehouse so the characters that are written are vital to the outcome of the film and Kaufman did a terrific job not only with creating real characters but the dialogue was excellent, it was believable,tense at times and I even got a few good laughs from some of it. As far as the cast goes I can't really pick out anyone that stole the spotlight here because the acting from everyone was fantastic, I never once didn't believe what any of the characters were saying which is a result of some great writing and acting as well, this cast really believed in the project at hand. The killings had some gore but it is never over done, same goes for the ghosts, the effects are excellent but their used to enhance the story not be the story which makes their time on screen that much more effective. 13 Hours in a Warehouse is a perfect blend of the underworld meets the supernatural world giving the audience some nice twists and turns and some very creepy and scary moments as well. As far as the genre goes you are going to have a hard time finding a film better in Independent horror, or for that matter if Hollywood was this creative and devoted to making such films there would be a lot more seats filled in the cinemas around the country. 13 Hours has won numerous awards at festivals across the country and for good reason, I highly recommend you bookmark this film and own it on October 28th just in time for the Halloween season. You can keep up with news on the film at the official website here, also visit the Myspace page of Actress Rachel Grubb who plays one of the ghosts in the film and is featured on the DVD Box-Art here, to keep up with her latest projects and be sure to check out her pic sections, this young woman is as beautiful and glamorous as she is talented. Released By Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****