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Cast: Donncha Crowley, Colm Meaney, Brendan Conroy, Donal O'Kelly

Director:Tom Collins


Year: 2007


Kings In the mid 1970s a group of young men left the west of Ireland, bound for London, filled with ambition for a better life in a place where they could be kings. Thirty years have passed when they meet again. Their youngest friend, Jackie has died. For some of them those thirty years have been hard. Their muscle has been spent, their hopes dashed on the roads and building sites of Britain, to be replaced with a sense of hopeless disaffection. As the truth about Jackies death is uncovered, and long-held secrets are laid bare, the men discover that ultimately it is your friends who break your heart - and your friends who can save it.

Kings is a beautifully-made piece of cinema, a touching film that grabs it's audience and pulls them in. The film focuses on five friends but the story is much wider than that, it tells the tale of so many lost immigrants that left their homeland for work and were never able to return. Also the story about each character and their past of demons, these are a group of men that time has past by. This is a moody and sad film and it does not try to sugar-coat anything which makes it one of the best dramas of the year. The cast is brilliant, I have not seen an ensemble cast put on such a performance in a very long time. Also credit must go to Director, Tom Collins who also wrote the script based off of Jimmy Murphy's play. The bar setting really does bring out the theatrical feel and it really adds to the over-all effect of the story. There is not a lot new here as far as story goes but the way it is told and the cast that delivers it makes this a masterpiece, forget anything Hollywood and pick this fantastic piece of art up today, you will be glad you did. Released by BFS Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****