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Devil's Dominoes

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Cast: Daniel Baldwin, Vincent Pastore, Christopher Mur, Tom Bateman

Director:Scott Prestin


Year: 2007


Things are looking pretty bad for four friends when their reckless driving results in a crash that kills an oncoming motorist. When they discover that the dead driver is the son of Chicago’s biggest mob boss (Vincent Pastore – The Sopranos), things really start to get messy. As an out-of-control series of events begins to tumble around them like dominoes, the friends must figure out how to cover up the mounting dead bodies that lead right to them, all while trying to avoid the mob, a wily sheriff (Daniel Baldwin – Mulholland Falls)… and each other.

Devil's Dominoes doesn't really bring anything new to the table as far as this type of Thriller goes but it does manage to be entertaining. The film keeps a good pace and the story offers up a few twists along the way as well but the main reason this was as entertaining as it was is the cast, you just can't go wrong with a film that has Vincent Pastore and Daniel Baldwin in regardless of the script. I am not saying the script is bad, its just middle of the road as far as this genre goes. Director, Scott Prestin, seems to have an eye for this type of thriller, he did a good job directing his last thriller, 8 Diamonds as well. The pacing is very good, the cast is terrific over-all and there is plenty of action and some suspense as well a long the way. Like I stated before the film didn't really off me anything new but I had a fun time watching it, it keeps you on the edge wondering what will happen next as there is not many places to hide and these four friends got the mob and a sheriff who seems to have his own motives hot on their trail. If you enjoy the genre or are a Soprano's fan pick this title up, it makes for an enjoyable viewing. Released by BFS Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****