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Cast:Thomas Hildreth, Amy Jo Johnson, Larry Pine, Mark Kiely, James Parks, Ron Canada, Judy Prescott, Philip Baker Hall

Director: Ian McCrudden


Year: 2006


Families on a small fishing Island off the coast of Maine have made a way of life from the water that surrounds their Island harvesting lobster. Everyone knows each other and looks out for each other as well. Fishing as of late hasn't been very good and part of the reason is some mainlanders have been coming in to claim their stack. One local, Eben Cole, like many others is just trying to make a living doing what he loves to do. One day Eben decides it is time someone takes a stand against the outsiders but when a accident happens on the water because of Eben he not only goes to jail but he loses everything he has including his wife and little girl.

Islander is a simple film, there is nothing glamorous here like some of those big Hollywood productions but Islander has a lot more going for it than most of those other movies. The story is about one man and a choice he makes to protect what he feels is inherited, but the mistake costs him 5 years in prison and his wife and child as well. After Eben gets released he finds himself an outcast and must try to get back to a normal life and move on from the past. This is a touching story, a tear-jerker and it has characters you not only believe but you feel for as well. The film is almost flawless, from its terrific cast(many of whom were locals that lived on the Island), to its wonder camera-work and fantastic soundtrack the film just seems perfect. The shots of coastal main are breath-taking, the setting truly is part of the story. This is a story of one man's quest for redemption while attempting to get back to doing what he knows best, fishing. Islander is a great drama that not only shows us a way of life we may not know much about but it also brings a life lesson along with it. This is a powerful film with great performances, one that tugs at the heart strings and when its over The Islander comes out as one of the best Independent movies you may see in a long time. There's "Classic" written all over it, this is a must-see film and certainly one of the year's best. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****