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Cast:Tiffany Shepis, Caroline De Cristofaro

Director:Ivan Zuccon


Year: 2007


When Sarah (Tiffany Shepis), a young American, travels to Italy to join the New Order convent as a cloister nun, she prepares for an arduous spiritual journey. But she wasn't prepared to be tortured by the convent's violent past. On the path to finding God, Sarah begins having visions of a troubled young nun who once sought the same serenity she did -- but whose fanatical grandfather made her life a living hell.

Nympha is the follow film to Ivan Zuccon's "The Shunned House" and you can his his trademark style of film-making in his new flick, The film stars Tiffany Shepis, this women is as beautiful as she is talented. Tiffany plays a woman that is sick of living a life of sin and decides to go to a monastery to become a nun and do God's work but once there she quickly finds out that doing the good is going to be very painful. Some of you might find the film to be a little too slow moving for a horror film but it is deliberate, slowly it sets the table for the final act which turns into a almost beautiful horror flick that will please any fan. I will not give spoils away here but I for one loved the ending, sure there is some loose ends left behind but I love a horror film that just doesn't give you a happy ending on a plate like so many do today. MTI seems to always deliver the goods when it comes to Independent horror and this is is no exception. I highly recommend picking up this original and highly enjoyable film today, you will be glad you did. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****