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Us Sinners

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Tim - Brandon Schraml

Louise - Brenda Cooney

Mom - Leslie E. Hughes

Patty - Glenys Javier

Andrew - Jason Shoulders

Melissa - Caroline Moseley

Bobby - Jason Reed

Detective Baxter - Mike Diaz

Director:George Snow


Year: 2008


Tim Connolly is man that works and is boss of a local maintenance crew. Tim lives at home with his mom who puts fear into him each and everyday. His co-workers don't think much of him either and they show no respect, in fact they ridicule him at every chance. Tim releases the anger by having prostitutes every night and his alter-ego does some very nasty things to them after wards. But Tim thinks that things might be looking up when Louise begins working for him as well. She seems to have the same shyness that Tim has and he begins to make advances toward her. But when she rejects him and instead goes for a co-worker Tim loses the little sanity he had and goes on a killing rampage.

Reading the DVD art-work on this new film from Writer/Director, George Snow, had me eager but at the same time a little worried as most movies never live up to their hype. I refuse to sit here and give details on what happens in Us Sinners mainly because it just would not be fair to give anymore away about this film and ruin it for those that will soon be seeing it. Us Sinners does live up to the hype and what is promised in the final scene goes beyond what you could be told, it is in fact more disturbing then I could have imagined. Director Snow set out to make a film that was as shocking as it was brutal and let me tell you he has done a brilliant job. The story is simple enough and the "out case" theme has been done over and over but this film brings its own ideas making it original and refreshing. Remember this is a low budget Independent film here but all involved did a fantastic job. Brandon Schraml who plays Tim makes his feature film debut and he does a masterful job at handling both sides of Tim's personality, I think they would of had a hard time finding anyone better. The rest of the cast did a fine job too but the real star was Tim and very creative ways of ending someone's life. Again I refuse to spoil any of this movie but there is some very creative and very nasty killings here, this film is not for anyone with a weak stomach. Us Sinners is a in-your-face,brutal piece that goes for the throat and never lets it go till the shocking ending.I am careful about recommending this only because it is a very violent film so for those looking for a Hollywoodish PG-13 horror film look elsewhere but for those looking for a film that is made for true horror fans I have to say own this DVD when it comes out. For more information on the film visit the Official site Here. Released by Athelstan Productions. **** Out Of *****