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Three Walls

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Cast:Jackie Shroff, Naseerudin Shah, Nagesh Kukunoor, Juhi Chawla

Director:Nagesh Kukunoor


Year: 2003

Language: Hindi w/English Subtitles


Shot on the location in a Musheerabad jail in South India, this film is a story of three prisoners; a small time crook Ishaan Mirza (Naseeruddin Shah), a lawyer Jagdish Prasad (Jackie Shorff), and a young guy Musooniri Nagender Babu (Nagesh Kukunoor), who are awaiting execution of their death sentence. While Naagya is an innocent who is tortured to confess the crime of murder he never committed, Ishaan has killed a pregnant woman unintentionally and Jagdish has intentionally killed his wife (Sujata Mehta) as she was to ditch him for her lover. Life was a dull routine for them in the prison until Chandrika (Juhi Chawla) starts researching within the walls for her short film.

If your a fan of prison movies then you are going to want to see "Three Walls", this Bollywood film steps out from the normal romance and action movies that are released on a regular basis in India, not that there is anything wrong with their films it is just nice to see someone doing something a bit different. The film is basically about an amateur filmmaker that wants to make a documentary about 3 prisoners on death row. They are on death row for murder, accidental or premeditated. As the film progresses you learn more about each of the prisoners and how prison has affected their life. This is a clever and brilliant script here, one that touches you in so many ways. It is at times humorous, sad and at times it will even make you angry but in the end you know you just watched a great film. Because of the nature of its story the film moves at a slow pace but you never get bored, in fact you find yourself sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. The cast is magnificent, each actor brings something special to their characters, it helps that they had such a well-written story to work with but that doesn't take anything away from their talents. Credit needs to go out to Writer/Director Nagesh Kukunoor, he has written one of the best movies I have seen in some time and the ending is super, there could never of been a better way to end such a fantastic piece of cinema. I cannot recommend this film enough for anyone, this is what cinema is all about. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****