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Summer of Fear

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Mystery/Thriller NR. When Lucas Marshall and his family are attacked en route to their summer vacation, a passing drifter comes to their rescue. But soon after being welcomed into their home, the stranger engages the family in a treacherous game of deceit and manipulation, forcing them to realize that his encounter with them was no accident. This was a solid made for tv thriller with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and enough suspense to keep you glued to tv till the credits roll. I have always liked Gregory Harrison and he again gives a good performance in this film as well, the entire cast was great each playing their character's well. The pace of the film was very good and it was well writing for a television movie. Be warning this film is based of the Novel "Simon Says" by Gloria Murphy and not based one the "Summer of Fear" novel by Lois Duncan. Still a solid thriller worth picking up if you did not see this when it aired. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****