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Love and Mary

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Cast:Gabriel Mann,Lauren German,Ben Gourley,Mary Bonner Baker

Director:Elizabeth Harrison


Year: 2007


Mary, a sophisticated pastry chef who's struggling to keep the doors of her bakery open. Facing eviction, she decides to return back home with her fiance, Brent, to collect a sizeable engagement gift from her eccentric Texan family. But, when Brent, played by Gabriel Mann, is befalled by allergies and unable to travel, Mary bails his idential twin brother, Jake, out of jail and travels back home passing him off as her fiance.

As you may already know Romantic Comedies are most of the time a repeat of the last one you seen. They all pretty much stick to same old sappy themes which after awhile gets very old to the viewer. So when I sat down to watch Love and Mary I was expecting about the same but I was surprised to find out that this was a much better film then I expected. This is Director, Elizabeth Harrison's first feature film which she also wrote and produced as well. What separates this from the others in its genre is the fact that even with all the some basic story lines we have seen this one is just a fun film to watch, everything seemed to click from the direction to the acting and even the settings which play an important part in the film. The cast is excellent, Lauren German plays Mary, a woman who is looking to make in it the pastry business but is struggle to get it off the ground. Also her fiance, who is a good man but he has some issues, like he thinks he has an allergy to her sweets. Gabriel Mann plays both her fiance and his more troublesome brother, Gabriel does a wonderful here as well and him and Lauren have great chemistry together. Love and Mary is a cute and charming Independent comedy that is full of laughs and romance making this one of the better movies in the genre I have seen in awhile. Aimed mostly at the female audience but men will enjoy this as well for its humor making this a hit for just about anyone that is just looking to watch something fun and light. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****