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Cast:Val Nicholas,Ita Ever,Lembit Ulfsak

Director:Oleg Fesenko

Genre:Supernatural Thriller

Year: 2008


Skeptical reporter Ivan heads to a small village to probe a recent string of bizarre incidents, but on his first night in town, a seductive woman literally becomes a demon in his arms and attacks him. Though Ivan kills the beast, in the light of day she looks like an ordinary female and he soon faces a murder charge. Now he must take on the demon and clear his name, but he will need to find the faith he lost.

This Russian horror film was released in 2006 under the name "Power of Fear" and is now making its U.S. debut under the name "Evil". Before seeing this film I did some researching and found a few negative comments on the film, most saying that it is simply not scary. Well to me this is more a Mystical Thriller than a all out horror film, there are elements of the supernatural at play here. The cast of Russian actors are all very good but I thought if the film would of been in the Russian language instead of in English the delivery and over-all effect of the story could of been better. The trailer offered a lot of hope for a special-effects ridden film but do not expect that either, the effects are there but their used to enhance the story not to be it. This is a story of one man looking to regain the faith he once had but lost and now his very life as well as those in the village depends on it. I love this sort of Gothic Thriller, the genre is always a fun one to watch and Evil is no exception, the film delivers on story as well as solid acting and excellent special effects. This might not be very scary but there are a few "jump-scares" along the way. Also this is the first film The Asylum has brought in that wasn't one of their own and I have to say that I have become not only a critic of their movies but a fan as well but if they can find more movies like this I would be all for bringing in some more as long as they keep making their own entertaining features as well. Evil comes in on their "Faith Films" label and it is a taut thriller that demands your attention while getting across the message of faith. Very well done and I highly recommend this to any fan of the genre. The DVD comes with Special Features that include, Making of Evil and Trailers. Released by Faith Films. **** Out Of *****