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The Creek

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Cast:Nancy Soulliard,Erik Soulliard,Melissa Rhoads,Kathryn Merry,Tim Jesiolowski,Brian Jesiolowski,Dave Foster

Director:Erik Soulliard


Year: 2008


It is the fifth anniversary of the death of their friend Billy and six friends are sent back to the cabin by the creek by his ghost. But shortly after arriving they began getting killed one by one, now they must find out if it is indeed the ghost of Billy or one their own before no one is left.

I was lucky enough to receive a screener for The Creek from Director, Erik Soulliard, I was looking forward to sitting down to this one. I did not want to read too much about it before hand so not to ruin what was to come. The Creek is a labor of love for all involved, they had to battle not only working over night to shoot the film but the weather as well and that is a difficult task even for a big-budget production. The Beginning starts off introducing us all to the six main characters as they get introduced to Billy's ghost. I read a few reviews that said the film could of used some more gore but I have to disagree with that. This is more a ghost story than a zombie film, I felt the blood and gore that is in the film is just the right amount to tell the story and none of it is wasted. The effects and make-up are very well done for such a low budget film and since the movie takes place at night the lighting was terrific. The acting over-all was very good as well, these people had to work all night and then go to work their 9-5 jobs so let's give them a lot of credit here. Actress, Kathryn Merry was easily the highlight here, she has been in two other movies but this beautiful young woman shows a lot of talent and I think we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future. The story is not all that original but there is not many that are anymore. Still I felt the story was well-written and the pacing was very good as well with very good effects used only when needed which worked out perfectly. The twist was nice as well even if I seen it coming. Director Erik Soulliard deserves a lot of credit here, this man really has the eye for film-making and can do it all, not only did he direct the film but he also stars in it,wrote it, did the editing and even produced the film. That is talent my friends, The Creek is a highly entertaining Independent horror film that will please any fan of the genre. Oh and before I forget the rock soundtrack was kick-ass as well. I highly recommend that everyone pick this DVD up when it arrives on October 28th. Independent cinema is a fantastic thing, I am not only a supporter but a fan as well and all I can say is as far as the horror genre goes you will be hard pressed to find better than The Creek. Released by Indie-Pictures. **** Out Of *****