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Saving God

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Cast:Ving Rhames, Dean McDermott, Ricardo Chavira, Dwain Murphy, Genelle Williams, Barbara Barnes-Hopkins

Director:Duane Crichton

Genre:Christian based Drama

Year: 2008


Armstrong Cane returns to his hometown after serving 15 yrs in prison, a changed man he is looking to get back in the neighborhood and to take over his father's old church and congregation. But what Armstrong didn't know was his old neighborhood is not the same, this once family like place he left many years ago is now one filled with gangs and drugs. Arriving at his father's church he meets up with a troubled youth, one involved and working with a dangerous street gang leader who will soon cause Armstrong trouble. But strong on the inside as well as on the outside he is determined to preach the word of the Lord to all those will listen and maybe in the process not only redeem himself but a few other lost souls along the way as well.

Rev. Armstrong is played by Ving Rhames who also serves as Executive Producer on the film. This is a story of a man trying to build a new life, do some good for people and put his past behind him but the forces at work will make it hard for him to leave that violent past behind. Rhames is simply magnificent here, you know him as a tough guy that can bring the action in any movie he is it but here you get a different kind of actor, one that displays a much deeper strength in his acting. You can tell by watching him that he was not only devoted to his role but he also had faith and believed in the project as well. Saving God not only has Rhames but it also has an incredible supporting cast including, Ricardo Chavira(Desperate Housewives), 24, Six Feet Under) as the money-wise Preacher looking to take not only Armstrong's congregation but his church as well away from him. Also you have Dean McDermott(Without a Trace, The Closer, NCIS) as the gang leader, his role here is amazing, a man tough on the outside but on the inside he is crying out for salvation. Saving God is an inspirational film that not only delivers a good message but is a solid piece of dramatic cinema as well, there is also a nice twist at the end putting an explanation point on already highly entertaining and thought-provoking film. I must congratulate Cloud Ten Pictures on putting together such a great film as well as sending me such an early copy and the opportunity to review this. I have learned that Echo Bridge Entertainment will be releasing this to DVD on October 14th so be on the look-out and be sure to pick this film up. Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****