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Outside Sales

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Cast:Lucas Fleischer, Tricia O'Kelley, Danny Strong, Christopher John Fields

Director:Blayne Weaver


Year: 2006


Paul Wells used to be a great salesman, but after catching his wife cheating on him in bed with his boss his life has gone downhill. Now just when it looks like things couldn't be worse the firm gets a worker in Dagny Green, a beautiful and highly skilled sales rep that Paul must train to take to job. In order to get his life back on track and save his job Paul makes a bet with his boss that he can out sell his new rival but some times you find what need in life when you least expect it.

At first glance "Outside Sales" looks like just another Independent comedy with an office setting, much like the kind that have been on television since I can remember but I am glad to say it is much more than that. The film starts off slow, it shows the co-workers talking in their office space but this only the set-up for what is to come. Lucas Fleischer who plays Paul in the film also narrates the film and in some movies that can become very tiresome quickly but here it works perfectly. Lucas is a terrific actor and it is on full display here, he is perfect in each situation in the film from the light,more funny moments to the dramatic,romance scenes. Tricia O'Kelley stars as Dagny, Tricia has done a lot of work in TV mostly but she is outstanding here and she displays great chemistry with Lucas which is very important as they are the main story and without such the film would never or worked the way it did. The supporting cast of characters all play a vital role in the film and are all terrific, there is not a bad performance in the film and not one character is wasted. This is a very funny movie that blends great humor with a bit of romance, it is a funny as it is smart and clever. Outside Sales is a hilarious comedy that works on all levels, this is a perfect example of just how good Independent cinema is today. I found myself laughing out loud through most of the film and the romance angle is a perfect fit making this a winner for both males and females alike. This is one comedy I am proud to recommend owning, I am sure it will also do very well with strong word of mouth. Congrats go out to Writer/Director, Blayne Weaver and the rest of the cast and crew that were involved in making this film. It is truly a delight to watch. The DVD comes with the Special Features:


5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound

Director/Cast Commentary

Deleted Scenes

Gag Reel

Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****