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Cast:Garrett Morris, Mindy Sterling, Jon Gries, and Cynthia M. Watros

Director:Douglas Cheney


Year: 2007


A young urban family spends summers on an idyllic island. When an abandoned, mangy mutt wanders onto the property, the dad alerts Animal Control but the children beg to keep the dog. A compromise is reached: the kids can nurse FRANK back to health, but must put him up for adoption when summer is over. As he regains his strength, Frank risks his life to bring the family together in ways no one imagined.

You know before watching this that any film that deals with children and some sort of animal is always a popular genre, this goes back even into television. "Frank" is no different, it delivers on what the box promises which is some fun family entertainment. This is a typical family of sorts, you got a dad that is, well a dad and he really needs to loosen up, a devoted wife and mother and two children, one of which is a teenage daughter so need I say more. Once Frank enters the picture it turns the family upside down even more, the father,Colin cannot stand the mutt, it drools on everything and makes a mess of anything it is around but the kids love the dog so dad decides they can keep it till end of summer but during the time spent this canine will change their lives forever. Frank is as cute as he is clumsy, if your like me there's nothing that goes for the heart more than a dog in a film. Frank is 100% pure family entertainment with a wonderful script and excellent acting, the laughs are plenty and in the end we all receive a good message and there is nothing wrong with that. In times like we have now there can never be enough of this sort of entertainment to draw a family together. Frank is a winner on all fronts and if your raising a family this is a must own DVD. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

On Location

Deleted Scenes

Music Video

Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****