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Adventures of Johnny Tao

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Cast:Matthew Twining, Matt Mullins, Chris Yen, Kelly Perine

Director:Kenn Scott


Year: 2007


Johnny Dow struggles to make a living at his small town gas station by charging motorists to see the electric guitar used by his late father a one-hit, rock and roll wonder. Legend has it the guitar was carved in the shape of a dragon's head and made in part from an ancient spear his father found in the crater of a shooting star. When Johnny's friend Eddie stumbles upon the other half of the spear he releases an ancient demon hungry for power and destruction. Mika a beautiful Chinese warrior who holds the secret to fighting Eddie and his army of kung fu, sugar-craving warriors reveals to Johnny that the only way to stop the evil spirit is to use the first half of the spear - the dragon on Johnny's guitar! Together Johnny and Mika set out to fight Eddie and his army, reunite the two halves of the spear, restore peace to the town and - of course - save the world!

When you start watching Johnny Tao you get the idea you have seen this before, maybe it is because Director/Writer Kenn Scott has been involved with this type of family/action before when he was involved in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". "Tao" uses several genres including kung fu,comedy,demons and it even offers up some great rock-billy. The action is top-notch, the fight scenes are very well done and the film mixes in some good suspense as well as some horror elements. You get all that and toss in some very funny humor, just enough to give the film a more family friendly feel without turning it into a complete comedy. The cast is terrific, each holding their own in both character as well as being able to handle the fight scenes. I can't remember the last time I just had fun, this much fun watching a movie. Adventures of Johnny Tao is a action packed family adventure that never lets up in action or story till the credits roll. I highly recommend seeing this film and the great thing is you can watch it with the kids as well. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****