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Cast:Ali Larter, Salman Khan, Nandana Sen, Ian Bohen, Gulshan Grover

Director:Willard Carroll


Year: 2007


Marigold is a musical romantic comedy about a young American woman who travels to India and finds her life is transformed in the most unexpected ways by her experiences and adventures there. Beautiful, American B-actress Marigold Lexton, star of innumerable movies with numbers in their titles, arrives in India with no luggage and a bad attitude. Stranded in resort town Goa after the financing for her film Kama Sutra 3 falls apart and with nobody willing to bail her out, Marigold finds herself cast in a Bollywood musical. However, there is one problem she neglects to tell the producer she cannot dance. She enlists the aid of the choreographer of the film who has a secret of his own.

Many of you out there may never have seen a Bollywood film before and for that this can be a different experience in cinema for you. I have see many Bollywood movies and can tell you they are a feast for the eyes and the ears. Marigold is about the closest you will get to a true Bollywood film without exactly being one. These movies always have song and dance numbers within the film, not so much for entertainment value but for the unfolding of certain parts of the film and the dancers do more than just dance, they display their character changes as well. This is where the beautiful Ali Larter comes in, she plays a not so successful American actress who is hard to deal on her way to India for what she thinks is a movie role but upon arriving she finds out there is not only no more money for the film but the crew has gone as well. With a bit of luck she stumbles upon another film being shot and lands a role in the film as a dancer. Ali really eats this role up, not only is her acting fantastic but her dancing and the emotion she displays is breath-taking. Salman Khan, already a huge star in India shines as her love interest, he is able to show every emotion, he is charming,sexy, and vulnerable and a pleasure to watch on screen. The story is of the fairy tale variety and the locations and costumes really help bring the effect full circle. Marigold is a romantic comedy with a slight edge thanks to Larter's role as a demanding woman that is use to getting what she wants. This is a film that will introduce a whole new world of cinema to those that have never seen it before but it also offers a little something for everyone, male and female alike. I found this to be a feast of lively entertainment that should not be missed. The DVD comes with the bonus features:

Theatrical Trailer

Behind the Scenes Featurette: The Making of Marigold

2.35:1 Letterbox Presentation

Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. **** Out Of *****