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Big Dreams Little Tokyo

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Cast: Dave Boyle, Jayson Watabe, Rachel Morihiro, Drew Knight, James Kyson Lee, Pepe Serna

Director:Dave Boyle


Year: 2006


Boyd, a self-proclaimed businessman convinced he's Japanese, and his roommate Jerome, a sluggish but affable Japanese-American sumo wrestler, have big dreams for themselves. Together, the two travel door-to-door by tandem bike, giving flyers and sales pitches to anyone who listens…but Boyd's Japanese clients aren't buying his "Translation Services," and no one will give Jerome—a paltry 200 pounds—a chance in the ring. When they meet Mai, who is unfazed by their oddities and offers a hand, Boyd and Jerome discover that in a world where cultural identity is seldom what it seems, there's a place for everyone.

This is Dave Boyle's first time at not only directing a film but also writing and starring in it, this is quite an achievement for anyway. Mr. Boyle creates a character that doesn't look like a very interesting one from the outside but as we follow him as he overcomes the pitfalls and successes of business and love, an enduring and new friendship he becomes someone you love and care about. As a directorial debut the film is not without its flaws, the pacing could of been a bit better and some of the editing seemed off but over-all this is a great start. What makes this film work is its characters, Boyle has taken both different characters and different cultures and put them together which results in some of the funniest moments on screen I have seen in some time. This is a film about trying to fit it and about who we are as people. Director Boyle took a bold step in doing three parts of the film-making process in his debut but he not only shows great promise but his talent for doing so shines through, I look forward to his new film "White on Rice". This is not the type of film that will appeal to everyone but if your a fan of Wes Anderson's work or just love a good off-beat comedy then I highly recommend picking this title up today. The DVD comes packed with Special Features that include:

DVD Commentary from Director/Writer/Star Dave Boyle and Co-star Jayson Watabe

Pipe Dreams Little Tokyo Featurette: Behind the Scenes Interviews and "Making of" Footage

Yamamoto and Company Featurette: Raising Money for Production

Deleted Scenes

Storyboard to Film Comparison

Web Spots

Stills Gallery

Multiple Language Dialogue with English Subtitles


Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. **** Out Of *****