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Brutal Massacre: A Comedy

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Cast: David Naughton, Brian O'Halloran, Gerry Bednob

Director:Stevan Mena


Year: 2008


Harry Penderecki was once a looked upon director but now he finds himself no longer a part of the big Hollywood crowd, he hasn't had a hit movie in years and most of those that know him think that his best days are behind him. As fate may have it Harry is given one last chance to redeem himself and Brutal Massacre is just the movie to do it with. As his cast and crew begin to have one mishap after the other it's Harry that struggles to get the movie finished and keep is own sanity.

Brutal Massacre is a mockumentary, a story of one director that finds himself in a do or die situation in regards to his career. A crew follows his cast, crew and himself around as the begin work on getting the film made. When it comes to a film like this what does one really want from it? Brutal Massacre gives you some nudity,some gore and some very funny scenes which is all I could of asked for. The film is shot in a documentary style which takes a little getting use to but you quickly look past that with all the mayhem going on in the film. There were scenes that had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt, the director did a great job of just letting the actors go with it and it really paid off. The cast is incredible and includes a list of actors from the past including, David Naughton, Brian O'Halloran, Gerry Bednob as well as guest appearances from Betsy Baker(Evil Dead) and Director, Mick Garris. This is a film that has its tongue-firmly-in-cheek, never once does it take itself serious which allows the viewer to just go along for the crazy ride and have a ball along the way. If you like a good comedy/horror then I highly recommend picking this title up today. This is a laugh a minute film filmed with just enough mayhem to make you fall back into your seat. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****