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The Genius Club

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Cast: Stephen Baldwin, Philip Moon, Jack Scalia, Tom Sizemore

Director:Tim Chey


Year: 2006


A madman has placed a nuclear bomb just 10 blocks from the white and threatens to set it off unless a group of people with the highest I.Q.'s in the U.S. can solve all the world's problems in one night including terrorism and cancer. They will not only try and brings answers to stop this lunatic but they will also find out a lot about themselves as well...if they live to see morning.

When I read the plot for this film I thought this was a clever and original idea, that was before I sat down to review The Genius Club. I found a film that was not only interesting but is also a tightly written film that not only challenges its characters but it also draws its audience in, putting you where there at the table among all the geniuses, making you think long and hard about not only the world around you but about yourself as well. This is a powerful film that plays games with your mind like no other movie I have seen. The film is not flashy, it is simple in production values so it depends strongly from its clever script and its cast and each and everyone delivers. Tom Sizemore may have his own demons in real life but there's no denying his talent and he gives a performance that has to be seen as the madman with a bomb. Other performances that stand out are Stephen Baldwin as he man that delivers pizza instead of using his I.Q. to better his life...Stephen is at his best here. Finally Tricia Helfer is also amazing as a woman dying of cancer, her scene towards the end of the film will bring tears to your eyes. Finally Jack Scalia who plays the President is excellent as he is in everything. The end gives us a little surprise but it also will bring many tears to those that watch. Let's not forget to give credit to Writer/Director,Timothy A. Chey for making a film that is both smart and gripping, this is one movie that is not to be missed. Released by Cloud Ten Pictures. ***** Out Of *****