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Cast: Andrew Porter, Kristine Blackport, John Hutton, Bill LeVasseur

Director:James Seale


Year: 2006


Anna Carter is informed by her doctor that she has three months to live because she suffers from frontal-lobe Glioblastoma (a type of brain cancer). Tumors in the frontal lobe can cause changes in personality, thus the question whether her decision to kill criminals is a matter of choice or is it something that she no longer has control of.One think is for sure, only her own death may put an end to all these killings.

The one thing I really liked about this film is its homage to the vigilante movies of the 1970's. Director, James Seale is no stranger to action and suspense and he once again shows he is very good at the genre, mixing the action,suspense and drama together perfectly and also making great use of his well-chosen locations really adds to the film's over-all mood. Writer, Robert Gosnell has create a story that not only brings the action to the table but he also offers up some very interesting moral questions as well, this is about a good a script you will find in this genre and it offers up some new ideas which is a bonus in any genre. The acting over-all is very good but the spotlight is on actress Kristine Blackport who plays Anna, Kristine is perfect for this role as she brings it all, she handles the action scenes with ease, she brings great emotion to the character which is very important considering what the woman is going through and she is also stunningly beautiful as well. This is Kristine's first leading role but I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future, she is very talented. Juncture is mainly a drama but it still packs some thrilling moments and the action scenes are very well done. Independent films like this done on a low-budget sometimes fail but with a great story and awesome direction this film even rises above many of the big-budget films in its genre. Also they could of never picked a better leading lady to play this complex character, Kristine Blackport is perfect here. Juncture is a film that will please any fan of the genre and it offers up some very nice twists along the way plus the surprise ending will have you thinking long after its final credits roll. I look forward to seeing more work from all involved. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****