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Meet Bill

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Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Timothy Olyphant, Jessica Alba, Marisa Coughlan, Logan Lerman

Director:Bernie Goldmann, Melissa Wallack


Year: 2007


Fed up with his job, his wife, and his life, Bill (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself the reluctant mentor of an unruly, but curiously wise, teenager (Logan Lerman). Bill's life hits an all time low when he catches his wife (Elizabeth Banks) having an affair with a local news anchor (Timothy Olyphant). With nothing left to lose, he turns to the kid for inspiration and regains his lost sense of self.

We are in a age where most comedies are just copies of the previous with no character and laced with gross humor that just isn't funny anymore. But there is still hope because of film's like "Meet Bill". Sure it has it's adult humor but mostly this is comedy with heart. Bill does not go the same old easy road that recent comedies have taken, instead this blends a nice amount of drama with it's humor. Bill is a character you care about, in fact this is a film in which you really like it's characters that your suppose to like and hate the ones your not. Sounds easy but if your a fan of cinema you know it isn't as easy as it looks for Hollywood to make a comedy worth caring about. Aaron Eckhart is terrific and amount as nerdy as he is charming which is perfect for his role. The rest of the cast is terrific including young Logan Lerman who play's "The Kid", a young man Bill was set-up to mentor against his wishes I might add as Bill has enough on his plate as it is. Logan is a great young actor that I see a bright future for. The ensemble cast rounds out with Elizabeth Banks, Timothy Olyphant, Jessica Alba, and Kristen Wiig to name a few but I can tell you each character is great. There's so much to like here, if it were not for Aaron Eckhart's great acting ability the sure highlight of the film would of been Logan Lerman, at 15 years old this kid is amazing, and he does get the laughs, at least from me he did. Meet Bill gives the comedy genre a needed shot in the arm, this a film you will want to see again as well as tell others about and when that happens you know you got a winner on your hands. Released by First Look Studios. **** 1/2 Out Of *****