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Mad Bad

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Cast: Denton Blane Everett, Richard Folmer, Vincent Riverside

Director:Jon Keeyes


Year: 2007


An ex-con tries to rebuild his life and repair the relationship to his sister, a rising rock star. To support her, he turns to crime to secretly fund her career. Just when he seems to find vindication, his past comes to confront him in a bloody show down.

This is a solid Independent film on all fronts, The story is well-written and it moves along at a great pace as well. There's nothing wasted here as far as what each character has to say or do, everything that is said and done has a purpose and you can't find that in a big budget film let alone an Independent. The cast of unknowns all give terrific performances, Denton Blane Everett is fantastic as Justin, a young man fresh out of prison and looking for a clean start only to be pushed into a life of crime again and also having a dose of very bad luck that becomes fatal. Also Vincent Riverside is brilliant as Gino, the gangster looking for those responsible for not only stealing his car but the drugs that he had in the trunk as well. Vincent's role is raw,brutal and very realistic as a criminal that will do anything to anybody for what he wants. Mad Bad hits all the right notes, there's plenty of good drama, action and suspense to please any fan. Also let's not for to mention the fantastic soundtrack that helps drive the film as well. Hats off to Director, Jon Keeyes and the rest of the cast and crew, this is a solid effort all around and a action/drama I highly recommend. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****