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December Ends

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Cast: Josh Janowicz, Alex Thayer, Justin Matthews, Barrett James, Bryant Botero, Jacob Reynolds, Bill Buell

Director:Lee Toland Krieger


Year: 2006


After Chris's (Josh Janowicz) mother dies, he is left to take care of himself and his alcoholic father (Bill Buell). He picks up odd jobs to help with the bills but still falls short as his father's condition worsens. Things take a turn for the better when Chris's cousin Brian (Barrett James) gets him a job working for a Brooklyn drug dealer. Chris is able to pay the rent, but when he meets his boss's girlfriend for the first time, he finds that job might entail more than just running errands.

Writer/Director,Lee Toland Krieger really makes an impression with his first feature film. It's movies like this that make Independent cinema so special, film's are real, with characters we can relate to. December Ends is a perfect example of that. The story centers on a young man's attempt to make his existence while coping with the loss of his mom and sharing space with a defunct dad. A trusted family member makes him an offer and he then decides to engage in drug dealing to pay the bills. The story is a great mix of his love-life and the world of drugs in which he deals in. The cast is terrific here, Josh Janowicz is a young actor on the rise and he does a fantastic job her and Alex Thayer is as beautiful as she is talented. December Ends is a dark drama that builds off it's characters and builds tension and leads to it's riveting climax. A powerful film that delivers on all fronts. I fantastic job by a first time Director and the entire cast and crew. Independent Cinema doesn't get much better than this. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****