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Death on Demand

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Cast: Jerry Broome, Elisabeth Jamison, Anne McDaniels, Brandon Goins

Director:Adam Matalon


Year: 2008


Twenty years ago, Sean McIntyre slaughtered his family with his mountain-climbing hooks and hung himself. Now, Internet entrepreneur Richard Sachs is offering $5,000 to anyone willing to spend the night in the supposedly haunted house. What began as a simple online game turns bloody when a sťance unleashes Sean's spirit. He picks off the contestants one by one, forcing the survivors into the attic for a final showdown.

Death on Demand is another low-budget horror film that MTI Video has a way of coming up with, they seem to always release movies no one has heard of and most all have been very entertaining in one way or another. The Independent film starts off setting up what happening that horrific day in the McIntyre house, then it switches to today and Richard Sachs who is running a contest to see if any pair are willing to send a night in the down run-down home. I am not going to give anymore information n the plot or happenings as there really isn't much in the way of a plot plus I don't want to ruin the fun the film has in store for you. For a low-budget film I found the production to be pretty good and the acting besides a few weak characters was good considering the type of movie this is. The story is basic and easy to follow and there's some pretty cool killings in this one with lots of blood. If I had one complaint about this movie it's that there seems to be too much down time between each killing, sure there's the other elements we as horror fan's enjoy like some good humor and yes guys some naked women as well but I felt those and other scenes were a bit too long at times. But still I found this to be a entertaining film that delivers on what it promises which is kill,kill and kill some more. Also I liked the ending which didn't fall into the "Hollywood easy way out, let's end this with a happy ending". Credit goes out to Director,Adam Matalon and the rest of the cast and crew for making a film that stays loyal to the genre and provides an hour and a half of fun, there's not much more you can ask for. Released by MTI Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****