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Cast: Heaven Peabody, Brandon Tyra, Les "Eljaye" Jennings, David Leo Schultz

Director:David M. Holechek, Daniel Holechek


Year: 2007


Five Spartan warriors engage in the battle of their lives in this hilarious satire of 300. When the king sends Claudius,Darryl,Testicles,Shazaam and Demetrius the Blind to guard a goat path, they soon find themselves going head to head with the brutal Persian army. Now, they must draw on all their resources to save themselves and to prevent the overthrow of Greece.

This is Based on the online smash hit, '305' that first appeared on youtube, a mockumentary detailing the misadventures of five not-so-brave members of the Spartan army charged with guarding a seemingly ordinary goat path. But when their actions lead to the death of King Leonidas and his army of 300 men, the five must find a way to redeem themselves and save Sparta from invasion. I know what your saying cause I said the same thing, "not another 300 parody", also we all know from past films like this just how bad they can be so I wasn't expecting much. There's little to no production values here, and the actors stand in front of a green screen but hell that's half the fun or it all. This is a parody that for once doesn't try too hard to be funny and for that the jokes really work. Sure it's ridiculous and out-there but at times it's down right hilarious. This has a huge internet following from it's success on youtube but I can't help but think the DVD full-length film will not only enlarge that following but find one of it's own on home video. I highly recommend this to any fan of comedy, just don't take it seriously and you are sure to be laughing out loud like I was. 305 is a cleaver and original comedy that delivers the goods. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****