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Sex and Death 101

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Cast: Marshall Bell, Mindy Cohn, Frances Fisher, Winona Ryder, Simon Baker

Director:Daniel Waters

Genre:Romantic Comedy

Year: 2007


Womanizing tycoon Roderick Blank (Simon Baker) finds his world turned topsy-turvy after receiving a prescient e-mail message about his sex life in this satiric comedy helmed by Daniel Waters. It seems the communiqué contains the names of all the women Roderick has bedded or ever will. Scotching his wedding plans, he embarks on an odyssey of seduction … until he meets a dangerous femme fatale (Winona Ryder) the last woman on the list.

This is a comedy that stands out among others like it simply because it never tries too hard to be serious, so we they audience can just sit back and go with it and have fun.I am not going to say this isn't without it flaws, all romantic comedies are but everything else about this film makes up or it. The film is well-directed by Daniel Waters and the pace and real-life setting makes this a laugh out loud comedy. The cast is terrific as well including, Winona Ryder and Simon Baker as well as the rest of the supporting cast. I plot is just plain funny and the deliver is spot on making this a movie that is fun and about as entertaining as you are going to see. One thing to beware of is this is a comedy for and there's plenty of nudity and language along the way. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****