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Death Valley

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Cast: Eric Christian Olsen,Rider Strong,Dash Mihok,Vince Vieluf,Genevieve Cortese, Bumper Robinson,Wayne Young,Brendan Fletcher

Director:David Kebo,Rudi Liden


Year: 2004


A weekend of desert debauchery turns into a battle for survival for a quartet of friends including Josh and Daniel,when they run afoul of a nasty biker gang led by the vicious Dom. After the sadistic thugs kill one of the foursome and gravely injure another, Josh decides to even the score.

This Independent Thriller was originally released in 2004 under the title "Mojave", I am always puzzled at why so many film's take so long to get a release when some are excellent movies. The film has a young yet outstanding cast including Dash Mihok and Vince Vieluf who both are fantastic, it's great to see a film with interesting bad guys as well instead of the same on formula. The rest of the cast if also excellent including Eric Christian Olsen as Josh and Rider Strong as Daniel. The film takes it's time getting going, it slowly builds the main characters and sets the basic story-line, in a film such as this you do not need a deep plot just a great cast and excellent direction and that is what you get here. The is not only an action film, it's a movie that makes you think about yourself and what you might do if taken away from your own comfortable life and placed in a position where you must killed or be killed. I give high praise not only to the solid your cast, they are some of the best young talent I have seen in some time but also to Director's David Kebo and Rudi Liden who also wrote the script together as well. This is a pure example of how a film in a genre that is flooded with the same type of movies can rise above all the rest. Bravo to Allumination FilmWorks for not only releasing some great movies you never heard of before but for getting this film released, this is sure to gain a cult following from strong word of mouth. Death Valley is a pulse-pounding edge of your seat thriller that keeps you gasping for air and wanting more. I cannot recommend this thriller enough, when it hits DVD on July 22nd I likely encourage you to own it. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****