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Smuggler's Ransom

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Cast: Jeff Doba,Dorota Krimmel,Justin Little,Anthony Tyler Quinn,Marina Resa

Director:Daniel Noa,Brandon Rice


Year: 2007


It is 1985 and a Cold War is raging between East and West. A young woman named Carmen, while attempting to smuggle Bibles into Romania, is captured by communist forces. Unfortunately, Carmenís father was a Soviet Nuclear Physicist who became disillusioned with the system and defected to the West. Now, the Soviets are determined to force Carmenís father to turn himself over to them in exchange for her life. The United States government, determined not to let the Soviets regain one of their scientists, decides to send in a lone agent to rescue her, to make sure that America does not have to pay the smugglerís ransom.

I am not only a big supporter of Independent Cinema but I am also a fan as well. Christian-based movies fit into the category as well as I was looking forward to sitting down to "Smuggler's Ransom". From the opening frames you are pulled into the life of the lead character, a man who works for the U.S. Government,his job is to protect top-secrets from international spies. Anthony Tyler Quinn is not well known, his roles have been limited to mostly Television work bu he is amazing here as Bill Donely the man assigned to protect the female bible smuggler. Marina Resa, who stars as Carman Gonsolo is another actor not well known but both of these two show just how talented they are here in leading roles. Some of these Christian based movies try and push their Gospel message a bit too much but this film also has plenty of action and suspense to carry it along as well as make it even more entertaining. These are movies that deliver a personal message as well to us all and Smuggler's Ransom is no different and it does it in a way that fits the story perfectly while touching each and everyone that watches it. Smuggler's Ransom is a film that delivers the action and the thrills but it also does what many others do not do, it opens our hearts and enlightens our souls. Everyone involved in this film were devoted to make a film about redemption and faith and each did a job well done What more can one ask for...highly recommended. Released by Cloud Ten Pictures. ***** Out Of *****