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Steel Toes

Academy-Award nominated David Strathairn portrays Danny Dunkleman, a Jewish liberal humanist, and the court-appointed lawyer representing Mike Downey (Andrew Walker), a Neo-Nazi Skinhead on trial for the racially motivated murder of an East Indian immigrant. Steel Toes takes us into the intense and fiery relationship that develops between these two men as they explore their emotional and intellectual differences. All I said after viewing this film was WOW. This is powerful movie making at its best, I rip your heart out fil that grabs you from it's opening frames with it's slow motion camera work to its beautiful ending made this film one of the best I have seen in some time. It's a story of hate turned in love and the consequences one must pay for doing something wrong. The majority of the film takes place in a cell between Danny and his Lawyer played by the great David Strathairn and their scenes are breath-taking. The whole look and feel of the movie along with it's score make it a very powerful film that demands your attention. This film could be used as a teaching tool in schools today with it's message it sends. A film about a young man trying to find a better life and a Lawyer who is also having to fight his own demons and move on with his life as well. In the end there's hope for both and a message to us all, Steel Toes is an extraordinary film that everyone must see. Released by Monterey Video. ***** Out Of *****