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Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok'el

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Cast: Dee Wallace,Diana Bracho,JÚsus Ochoa,Ana Patricia Rojo

Director:Benjamin Williams


Year: 2008


When his mother (Dee Wallace) asks for help after his half-sister, Carolina, goes missing in Mexico, George (Tom Parker) travels to their home south of the border, where he teams with local Carmen (Ana Patricia Rojo), who's looking for a missing boy. They soon realize that legendary ghost J-ok'el,a mother who drowned her own babies and now searches for children to replace them may be behind the disappearances.

There's been a number of movies made about the weeping woman,La Llorona, a legend that has haunted the Americas for more than 500 years. This was more drama than thriller, the film is slow and nothing really happens much till the end and I am afraid by that time most will have already gotten bored enough to abort watching this. The lead acting is a bit flat but is good enough for a low-budget film like this. I myself did enjoy watching it since I had recently reviewed another film about the same legend so there was extra interest from me. J-ok'el is certainly not the worse film ever but it seemed to drop the ball here and with a little more creativity could of been much better. The film does have a plot twist at the end that I found a bit interesting at least. After-all this is good to watch as something different or if your a fan of such film's that are based off myths. I felt it could of been much better but it did keep my interest at least. Released by Maverick Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****