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The Chosen One

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Cast: Tim Curry, Traci Lords, Laura Prepon, Chris Sarandon, Chad Fifer, Debra Wilson, Danielle Fishel,Lance Henriksen

Director:Chris Lackey


Year: 2008


Lou Hanske is just a normal guy who is easily having the worst day of his life, he has been dumped by his girlfriend, his car was crushed by a satellite from space, he just got fired from his job and he has even been attacked by a bear. But When his elderly roommate Zebulon, takes him to his church, "The Church of Frank", the wound from the bear on his hand looks just like the symbol of the coming of "The Chosen One". Now he must travel to a hilltop in Kansas and talk to God! So with Zeb, his best friend Donna, and even the Devil himself, off they go to Kansas, not knowing that German uber-assassins, femme fatales, a ninja, holy robots, a mad scientist and his giant mole, and the combined might of the ass kicking Western Religions are all arrayed against Lou to prevent him from realizing his true destiny.

The adventure is full of screw-ups,misadventures and lots of danger as the must battle many to get to their destination. The film was done in Flash Animation, not the best looking choice in today's world of top quality cgi but for this film it not only works but I do not think any other way would of fit this story so perfectly. From the start the film takes on all genres, it goes from comedy to kung fu to spy games and many others we have seen before but none have been this entertaining and goofy fun that is as addictive as it is crazy. The Chosen One will surely gain a cult following when it's released to DVD Aug. 26. Among all the big Hollywood animated film's here lies this gem, fun and down right hilarious with a good message as well making this a winner and a must own. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****