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Shotgun Stories

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Cast: Natalie Canerday, Douglas Ligon, Glenda Pannell, Barlow Jacobs

Director:Jeff Nichols


Year: 2007


A feud erupts between two sets of half brothers following the death of their father. Set against the back roads of Southeast Arkansas, these brothers discover the lengths to which each will go to protect their own.

This is one of those gems you might stumble onto when looking to pick up something different to watch, the was originally made in 2004 but only got a limited release in theaters to strong word of mouth and for good reason. Right off this is a drama, if your looking for gun fights and explosions look elsewhere because this is a character driven film. The film is about three brothers who are raised by their hateful mother who teaches them to hate their father and his new family, the father as a no good alcoholic, he even named his kids, Son,Kid and Boy then he left them as if they never existed. But the father soon found religion and a new family and for that reason the boys were raised to him all those living with their dad. As the film moves along the father dies and Son goes to the funeral only to start a feud that they will all pay for. Writer/director Nichols must be given great credit for making a film that is as realistic as you can get in a movie, this is a film that takes it's audience and makes them a part of the movie, you feel everything from the character's rage to their loss and it's all heart felt. I could not find a flaw in this movie, sure all do but this is about as perfect a film as you are going to find, the film even ends on a note that is believable and and it puts the characters and audience at ease. As far as drama goes I dare to say you are not going to find many better than this. This is a fantastic film that delivers on drama and suspense that keeps you wanting more. Released by Liberation Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****