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Cast: narrated by Jack Thompson, guest appearances by John Hurt, Julian Lennon, Jack Thompson

Director:Kim Kindersley


Year: 2008


Whaledreamers is a eco-feature/Documentary about a tribe in Australia that was officially declared extinct some years ago, and shows their relationship to nature and the threats to their culture. It is also about their almost mystical connection with whales, and the rituals and songlines that derive from that link.

The film took almost 7 years to finish and it brings together tribal leaders from around the world as they gathered on a cliff top near Byron Bay where they called upon the whales to surface and communicate,a tradition that is said to date back centuries. The film not only is a good showing of a culture most of us never even heard of but it also it brings up a lot of ecological issues as well. Julian Lennon produced the film and re-recorded the song saltwater as well for the film's soundtrack. He is very devoted to saving the whale population and ecological concerns in general. This is a moving, powerful and inspirational journey. The film also has a mystical sense to it and one that leaves you thinking about what we are doing to our planet long after it's over. The film was not only important to British writer/director and co-producer Kim Kindersley,but it also drew some major talent as well to lend their help to making the film including,Pierce Brosnan, John Hurt, Jack Thompson, Geoffrey Rush and John Boorman who all make brief guest appearances in the film. Whaledreamers is educational as well as being a cinematic delight to see, the scenes of the dolphins and whales are nothing short of breath-taking. I suppose it's human nature for us all to take what we have for granted and go about our normal everyday lives but after seeing a eye-opening film such as this you change your feelings about what is happening in our world today very quick. I can't say enough about this wonderful film but what you really need to do is see it to feel it's effect, an amazing,moving experience like this doesn't happen often enough in cinema today so if you get a chance to catch this in a cinema near you do not pass on the opportunity. Whaledreamers has fetched many awards and rightfully so,it's a tought-provoking film that asks us all to lend a hand it saving all of earth's livng things and connecting back to nature in order to save this wonderful planet. Visit the filmmakers website Here to learn more. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****