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Legend of God's Gun

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Cast:Kirpatrick Thomas, Bobby Bones, Mike Bruce, Dave Koenig & Julie Patterson

Director:Mike Bruce

Genre:Spaghetti Western

Year: 2008


A gun-slinging preacher visits the sinful town of Playa Diablo seeking revenge from the notorious scorpion-venom drinking bandit El Sobero - lead outlaw and number one bad guy. El Sobero and his merry band of marauders are also headed to Playa Diablo seeking their own revenge against the town sheriff. Add to the mix a mysterious Bounty Hunter and it all leads to a confrontation of Biblical proportions as they all meet in the circle of death where the lead flies, people die and only one man can be left standing.

I know we all miss the good old days of the Spaghetti Western, those days are long gone right? Nope think again, thanks to Director Mike Bruce the classic western has returned, well at least in the form on Legend of God's Gun. This is an Independent film that is part western mixed with a music video to create something very original. The budget alone could of easily rendered this to just another very low budget attempt at film-making but thanks to all involved and their creative juices we get a cinematic experience like no other. The used of effects give the film the old-style look it needs to be pulled off. The film itself is simple, not much in the way of character development and the plot itself is pretty thin but none of that really seems to matter. What "Legend" brings to the table more than makes up for it's flaws, this is a film made for a home theater system, a real feast for the eyes that creates an adrenaline rush that I have not felt in some time. When this hits DVD on August 12th it will gain strong word of mouth and will soon be a cult classic. A western film made by a bunch of musicians sounds like a hard sell but they have made an instant classic here. I do not think this is a film for everyone but for those that love cinema and looking for something different from the same old crap coming out of Hollywood today then Legend of God's Gun is the perfect film for you. I highly recommend owning this artistic gem that jumps off the screen with it's amazing cinematography that is candy to the eyes. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****