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Dark Heart

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Cast:Sam Scarber, Huntley Ritter, Brian Howe,Larry Weissman

Director:Kevin Lewis


Year: 2006


When Special Forces Major Matt Taylor returns to his small backwoods hometown as a hero of the war in Iraq, he has seen things no man should have to see. Unlike some of his men, he still has arms and legs, but the invisible scars are as deep as his need for home and a chance to heal and find his future. But the town where Taylor grew up is not as he remembers. His beloved sister has aged and changed. Most of the people he knew have forgotten him and feel forgotten themselves. Beneath the serene surface lies a brutality that is forced upon Taylor. The local mill employing half the town is soon to close, and the frightened workers are as dangerous as cornered junkyard dogs. The disallusioned Viet Nam vet feels betrayed by his country.

In a dark night that is fill with mental and physical violence, Taylor must reach again into the darkest corners of his heart.

Dark Heart is the story of a returning hero and his fight to survive in the homeland he fought to defend.

I didn't really know what to expect from this but I did know that MTI Video have a knack for finding films that not many have heard of and really delivering on high entertainment. Dark Heart is one of those film's, but this is not an easy film to watch but for what the director was trying to do here and the messages he was trying to send it needs to be as shocking and brutal as it is. This is a story of two men, both served in the war in different times. Both cut from the same mold, one is just returning home from his tour of duty well the other is an older man that just found out his job is no longer there and he decides to turn to violence to maybe make his life better. Let me tell you this is an amazing film, sure the little picture seems a bit impossible and would most likely never happen on any regular basis but there's more here that the viewer needs to pull from the film themselves, the messages that are hidden among the violence and death. I have to say I loved everything about this movie, from it's atmosphere to it's fantastic cast and it's realistic violence, this is a film that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and is one that you will be talking to friends and family about long after seeing it. There's no doubt Dark Heart is disturbing and controversial but it is also brilliant film-making and one movie I suggest you do not miss. Released by MTI Video. ***** Out Of *****