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Dingle, Barry

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Cast: Veronica Cartwright, Barry Shurchin, Erik Palladino, Nicole Sullivan and Lukas Haas

Director:Barry Shurchin


Year: 2005


Barry Dingle has always been a loser in the game of life. But that doesn't stop his overbearing mother from trying to ride his coattails to Capitol Hill. Fixing him up with a senator's pretty daughter, she coaches him through a courtship and a competition with three other suitors who just so happen to be the sons of her bitter rival.

One thing is for sure, if you are easily offended or just don't get a movie with dark humor this most likely is not a movie for you. But if your like bit and like a good comedy with an edge and a kind of sickness to it's humor then I say see this film now. The film has an excellent ensemble cast, the highlight being Erik Palladino playing four characters, what talent this man is. What makes this film so good and different is it's Director, Barry Shurchin for being brave enough to make a film like this, today it seems most film-makers are too afraid to offend people which is a shame as it does limit their artistic abilities. Dingle,Barry is a film that will have you laughing till your stomach hurts, it never once takes itself serious which allows the viewer to have a good time even over situations we would not normally laugh over in any other film. So if your offended easy pick something else to watch but if your looking for something off-the-wall and a bit twisted this will be the perfect comedy for you. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****