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The Wicked

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Cast:Rachel Nau,Natasha Tabandera,Kristin Woodburn,

Director:Sal Ciavarello


Year: 2008


The United States has declared Satanism illegal, now Grace, queen of a satanic cult is forced to not only with the descendants of the Knights Templar set on destroying her but also betrayal from within her own cult.

This low-budget Independent horror film has a lot going for it and triumphs in areas where other bigger budget films have failed. First off the story is well told and there is certainly a lot going on as well as many different people and factions to keep a tab on, it may become a bit confusing but that's the great thing about owning a film so you can always go back and give it a second look and The Wicked I think deserves that. Ok, story aside since we really don't watch a horror movie for it's story so what about the carnage you ask? Well I am happy to say there's plenty of it, some excellent gore and make-up effects that will simply blow your mind considering the resources available here. A lot of credit must good to Director Sal Ciavarello who has one other film under his belt, the cult hit " Hardcore Poisoned Eyes", if you have not seen it be sure to hunt it down as it is also worth the effort. Sal did a fantastic job not only keeping the complex story from overwhelming us but mixing it in perfectly the the buckets of blood and guts he graces us fans with. I have to say this is one of the better Independent horror movies I have seen in some time and you can tell it was a labor of love by all involved. The cast was excellent and the scene with Jackie Martling made be laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. I highly recommend owning this on DVD when it is released on August 26th. The Wicked is an original and clever gore fest that is not to be missed by any fan of the genre. I look forward to seeing what this talented Director comes up with next. Released by profoundimages. **** Out Of *****