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Jack and Jill vs. The World

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Cast:Freddie Prinze Jr., Taryn Manning, Charles Martin Smith, Robert Forster

Director:Vanessa Parise


Year: 2007


Jack is a NYC advertising exec with a life as glossy as the ads he spins. Jill is new to the city, with nothing to stand on but her fiery personality and romantic ideals. Opposites attract, and together they author their own manifesto of "rules to live by." But Jill betrays Jack by violating rule one - Be Honest.

Jack is a man that really doesn't believe in happiness, well he doesn't really believe in much other than his job and making money, one day he meets Jill and that all slowly begins to change. I figured this was going to be one of those movies that was entertaining but ultimately depressing by the time it was over since Jill has a terminal illness, one jack doesn't know about and once he finds out the two split his Jill broke their number one rule. To my happy surprise the film isn't about dying but instead it's about living. Jill injects life into Jack and makes him see that there is indeed happiness and it doesn't cost a thing. This is a film couples will enjoy together but also I think it will also appeal to anyone just looking for some good entertainment. The script is solid and the you get a little drama,comedy and romance mixed nicely together. The acting is fantastic, Freddie Prince Jr. is his usual charming self and what can I say about Taryn Manning, this woman is not only a fantastic actress but she has got a cuteness about her few have today as well as being sexy as well. The two show great chemistry together and the rest of the supporting cast are terrific as well. This is an entertaining film that also sends positive messages about living and that's rare today coming from this genre. Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****