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It's a Boy Girl Thing

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Cast:Samaire Armstrong, Kevin Zegers, Sharon Osbourne

Director:Nick Hurran


Year: 2006


Nell and Woody are two teenage rivals who find themselves in each others bodies after arguing in front of an Aztec statue in a museum, which then transfers their souls as they sleep, causing them to awake in each other bodies. After trying to work things out but coming to no conclusion, both Nell and Woody, inside each others bodies, begin ruining each others lives. But after all this bickering, both of them soon discover that if they work together and help each other, a happy ending might turn out after all.

The body-swapping thing has been done over many times, maybe too many so when I went to sit down to this I figured I was in for a long hour and a half of the same jokes over again but I was a good way. What made this stay apart from the other body swap movies is this one didn't just rely on sex jokes, Nell and Woody are two people you care about and hope in the end it works out for the both of them. But the body swapping is very funny as well and allows the director to explore the difference like all the other films like it either failed to do or just wasn't brave enough to. Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong are two fantastic young stars that have bright futures ahead of them, they are fantastic together and each does a fantastic joke playing their opposite sex. Sharon Osbourne is also very good here as Woody's mom, nice to see her a film. What you have here is a comedy that will appeal to both adults and teens alike but also packs some very good emotion scenes as well making this a winner for anyone looking for some good laughs without be insulted. Don't be turned off by the film's theme, just give it a chance and you will be rewarded with one of the best teen comedies to come out in some time. The DVD comes packed with special features that include:

Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs

Are You More Boy Or Girl?

Cast Bios

History Of The Statue

Interview With Kevin Zegers

Interview With Samaire Armstrong



The film was Produced by Elton John's production company and it also sport a dynamite soundtrack.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****