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Razor Eaters

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Cast:Paul Moder, Richard Cawthorne, Fletcher Humphrys, Teague Rook, Campbell Usher, Julie Eckersley, David Bradshaw, Vince Gil

Director:Shannon Young


Year: 2003


Skinhead Zack and his merrily demented band of Razor Eaters terrorize Melbourne's villains -- and innocent bystanders -- videotaping their own grisly exploits along the way. Paul Moder plays the veteran detective assigned to the case.

I for one was glad to finally get to see this film as it is nearly five years old at this point but better late than never. A gritty documentary-style thriller loosely based on true events, the story is about a band of skinheads who are out to punish those that "wronged" the system. Along the way they film their actions for not only revenge but also for their own popularity which leads to their end. This is a raw, in-your-face thriller that grabs a your neck and never lets good to the thriller climax. Shoot in docu-style really adds to the over-all effect and gives the film a sense of realism that just energizes the tension. The cast are all excellent, I see big things for these young actors as they really have it down and know how to bring the best out in their characters. One thing Director Shannon Young has done that most can't is he was able to bring character even in all the carnage, he shows us what drives each character to do what they do which is amazing considering what this film was looking to deliver in the first place. Similar to many film's like Reservoir Dogs and Fight Club, Razor Eaters can easily stand along them as it's own powerful story that shocks one that is sure to create a lot of talk among those that have seen it. If your looking for a film that pushes the limits to bring you a story that is mind-blow and thought provoking then this is a film for you. I am happy to say this DVD release is sure to bring it the audience it deserves and also the critic as well. The DVD comes with the bonus features that include:

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Video Diary

A Look at FX

Theatrical Trailers

Letterbox Presentation

Music Video "RAZOR BLADE" by Murderdrive

Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****