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Rock The Paint

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Cast:John Doman, Christopher Innvar, Douglas Smith,Kevin L. Phillips

Director:Phil Bertelsen


Year: 2005


After leaving the comfortable Midwest countryside, teenager Josh Sendler (Douglas Smith) must readjust to the fast-paced and diverse urban landscape of Newark, N.J., where he meets Antwon Jackson (Kevin Phillips), a local basketball prodigy. As they face the state basketball championship together, racial tensions test the boys' fledgling friendship.

Rock The Paint is one of those little independent film's that no one has heard of but once you see it you know you are watching something great, a personal and intense film that hits and hits hard. The story is real, you can relate and feel for the two brothers who suddenly find themselves in a completely different place where they little world they had back in Indiana is no longer there, their safe haven is gone and they must confront and adjust to their new surroundings and the way they are treated. Anymore it seems Independent cinema is where you find the movies that are better written and pack a more emotional punch and this is one such film. The film clicks on all cylinders from the locations to the characters and cast all the way down the line to the the film's soundtrack. I could not find anything bad here, this is a powerful and raw film that pulls the audience in and never lets it go which to me is a sign of some fantastic film-making. Even if you are not a fan of "Urban" movies you will still enjoy the film for it's great story-telling and it's wonderful young cast. This is one film that is sure to get strong word of mouth, on you will tell family and friends about and a movie that is truly a rare gem that is not to be missed. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****