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Player 5150

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Cast:Ethan Embry, Christopher McDonald , Kelly Carlson, Kathleen Robertson, Angela Little, Bob Sapp

Director:David O'Neill


Year: 2008


Joey (Ethan Embry) has it all: He's successful at his job as a day trader, he has a house on the beach and a gorgeous fiancée (Kathleen Robertson) to share it with. But Joey's also addicted to gambling. It's a double-edged sword that's made him a whiz at the stock trade but that could also spell his ruin -- especially when the unsympathetic mob comes looking for their money.

It makes sense since Joey is in the stock market that he might have an interest in gambling as a whole but no one around him knew that it could not only cost him everything but it could even cost him his life. "Player" is a thriller that has a lot going for it, for starters there's a complex story going on with multiple characters or players each one owning something to someone else and each desperate enough to do what they have to to get what the need. This is a smart thriller with some nice twists and turns along the way to keep you not only on the edge of your seat but it always leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next. The cast is incredible, each playing an important role in film built not only on suspense but on character as well. Director David O'Neill does an excellent job that keeping the audience aware and interested in what is happening and some how caring about Joey while still being upset at the life he is leading and the troubles it is costing. There's a few scenes here and there that certainly seem unrealistic but it's a movie after-all and those sort of things are put in place to keep a movie entertaining. Over-all I found this to be a smart and tension filled thrill ride that never ends till it's final frame and you thriller I highly recommend. Released by First Look Studios **** Out Of *****