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The Planet

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Cast:Mike Mitchell,Patrick Wight,Scott Ironside

Director:Mark Stirton


Year: 2006


After their ship is critically damaged in a surprise attack, a band of mercenaries crash-lands on an inhospitable planet. As they try to regroup, they come under attack from an unknown force that grows stronger with each victim it takes. Now, if the group can't find a way to defeat this powerful foe, the very universe may be doomed.

I have read some nasty reviews on this film and I have to scratch my head at times over such things. I can sit here and complain about the movies flaws as well and there is flaws don't get me wrong but this is a SciFi done on a shoe-string budget and for that alone you much review the film accordingly. I don't feel going into the plot anymore than above is necessary or it might ruin the fun that awaits you. So for starters the production here considering the budget is very good if not mind-blowing, sure it isn't affects you see in today's big blockbuster films but it rivals those of any SciFi series on Television today. The cast may not be all the best actors but for the roles they play each does a fine job, your not talking a drama here with major character development. The main reason I liked this film as much as I did is because of it's story, I felt it was one of the most original in it's genre in some time. The Planet is one of those movies that plays much bigger than it deserves to and credit must go out to all involved for such an accomplishment. I recommend this to any movie-lover,fan of Scifi or just anyone that supports the Independent film market. MTI Video has a way of coming up with films that no one has heard of and most of the time the all not only bring something new to the table but are also very entertaining. I highly recommend picking this title up today. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****